It’s yet another Monday, and you’re sitting there with your coffee trying to get motivated.

Yeah, me, too. And it’s already 10:30.

Looking at my ‘to-do’ list, I’ve already managed to cross numerous things off of my list but, sometimes, not matter how productive you are, Monday still has that Monday feel to it.

To be honest, I don’t even really have a ‘Monday’. I run my own businesses, so I create my own schedule. Add in the fact that my partner is a firefighter with two full-time firefighter jobs, and my schedule is pretty much it’s own little world. But, even without a normal schedule, I find that Monday is still Monday. Maybe it’s just the energy of the entire world going back to work all at once, but it’s….stifling? Sluggish? Something.

Whatever it is, here are my sure-fire ways to overcome it:

1. Start your day not with a cup of coffee (don’t click the X button – hear me out, first!), but with a cup of herbal tea. Herbal tea has a way of naturally boosting your body that lasts throughout the day, whereas caffeine gives you a temporary boost followed by a crash. Now, I say this with a fresh pot brewing behind me simply because, like most biz folks, I’m a total addict. But I still start my day with herbal tea. Today’s blend was an amazing dandelion, lemongrass, peppermint, and lavender blend I created myself. It’s a really great Monday tea!


I will never (ever) tell you to not drink coffee. Ever. Just don’t drink it first.

2. If you skip breakfast, like me, don’t wait until lunch to finally eat something. I’m totally a brunch gal. Breakfast makes me nauseous and I hate ‘breakfast’ type foods. The only time I get away with it is if/when I remember to make overnight oats, and I never remember to make overnight oats, so I normally make myself a smaller, early lunch. As I type, I have a black bean and walnut lettuce wrap sitting next to me. Just one, cause lunch is coming, but it’s enough to give my body a boost.

3. Crank up the music. Now, if you’re in an office, this might not be possible, but you can probably get away with turning on some upbeat music if you keep the volume low. The very first thing I do when I get home after dropping the kids off on a Monday is walk over to my computer and pick a dubstep remix playlist from Pandora. Don’t like dubstep? Here’s one of my favorite Monday Morning playlists. Bookmark that ish. Better yet, go ahead and press play.

4. Don’t dive into your biggest project first. I know that seems like the exact opposite of what most people would say (and not quite what I say in my post on meeting your goals), but it really can help. I often take a look at my ‘Monday’ list and knock off a few of the really easy things, like this blog post, or the newsletter I will send right after this blog post. After that? I’m finishing up the next edition of Wild Sister Magazine – not as easy as chatting to you about Mondays. It feels good to feel accomplished as soon as the week starts, so today is a day where knocking a few easy things out is a-okay.

5. Don’t sit. If you’re like me and find it hard to focus and get stuff done on Mondays, stand up. Mondays are a tough day for me because, for some reason, everyone thinks Monday is the day to touch base. My Etsy convos go nuts on Mondays. My inbox goes nuts on Mondays. It’s impossible to get anything done. One of the ways I combat this is to stay standing, which keeps me moving, as much as possible.

6. Answer your emails. ONCE. I repeat….ONCE. Now, if you work in an office and your boss expects speedy responses, you obviously can’t follow this one. But, for most of us, it’s perfectly acceptable to check your emails *one or two times, MAX*. Just because everyone on the planet thinks Monday is the day to check in, touch base, remind you of something that’s already on your list, etc., doesn’t mean you’re obligated to respond. I know this planet is super technology based, but that doesn’t mean people are entitled to immediate access to us. We have lives, schedules, obligations, and work to do.

7. Get dressed. Don’t just ‘get dressed’, but put on a power outfit. Wear something that makes you feel good. Rock a pair of heels (or, in my case, boots). Need more energy? Wear red or purple. Need a mood boost? Try green, yellow, or blue. Pink is for Wednesdays.

Transparency alert: I’m sitting here in a  huge t-shirt, jeans, and The Root Collective flats because that’s what I took the kids to school in this morning. It happens. But, I’m rockin’ the shoes!

8. Pretend Monday is still a weekend. Seriously. I know you have to work, but that doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Go out to eat on a Monday night. Go see a movie. Make a lunch date. Save the laundry for tomorrow. Mondays are Monday enough without adding more to it.

9. Cut out an hour early. I’ve never understood why everyone cuts work early on Fridays. Yes, you start the weekend early, but so many people do this that you end up spending most of it in traffic anyway. It’s a-okay (unless you need clearance from a boss) to ditch work early on Mondays. I do, for sure. I don’t consider it ‘ditching’ though – I beast my way through the hours I do work on Mondays to make up for it. It’s hard for our bodies to go from a weekend schedule straight to a full work-day schedule, so don’t make it if you don’t have to!

10. Put on a smile, and know that Monday is only 24 hours. Find humor in all of the quirks that come with Mondays. Might as well – everyone else is feeling it, too!


How do you deal with Mondays?


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Grab my exact weekly worksheets!

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