Hey y’all! My name is Shai Ford, and I’m a small biz branding and marketing rock star, Etsy seller, and Editor-in-Chief of Wild Sister Magazine.

I am here because I absolutely love helping people unleash themselves in life and biz. As an avid activist, I’m all about the little man (and woman!), shopping small, and promoting great organizations. The problem is that most mom and pop stores, Etsy sellers, and small organizations don’t know how to brand or market themselves.

And, why would they?

They’re experts in other amazing things, like creating handmade products or working hard for their causes.

That’s where I come in!

After 10 years of Etsy-selling experience and running a successful Etsy shop, and 5 years of running the social media campaigns and marketing for several major organizations, I want to work one-on-one with people like you. Because, all the hard work you do deserves to be seen.

I can help you …

  • Create a solid brand that attracts people and displays a cohesive image across all platforms
  • Learn social media, and create a social media campaign
  • Build an Etsy shop that attracts customers
  • Take the work you love and make it come to life

Now, I work with a lot of people. A lot of people. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in working with others, it’s that I can only be as successful as you’re willing to be! You’re ready to work with me IF you are:

  • Tired of spinning your wheels and feeling like you’re not accomplishing anything
  • Tweeting and Posting like a madwoman and not getting a response or sales
  • Are an Etsian, small business owner, or organization who is ready to dig in and learn to make your work work for you!
  • Are ready to walk away with a solid understanding of how to make your small biz dreams turn into reality.

Want more info on how to work with me?


10 Things About Me You May Find Interesting

1. I was born and raised in Georgia, and spent 27 years hating it. Then, I started traveling for my biz. Nothing beats coming home to southern hospitality and sweet tea!

2. I went to school for Social and Political Philosophy and minored in Peace Studies. It’s my passion for social justice and peace that drove me into working with branding and marketing for peace organizations and, eventually, right here to you!

3. I’m totally WooWoo. I don’t talk about it (often) here, but I am a crystal-toting, tarot-reading, positive affirmation believing spiritual junkie.

4. I run a successful Etsy shop, called The Vagabond Studio, where I create hand-made, hand-stamped custom jewelry.

5. I was named one of Atlanta’s Top 20 Social Media Influencers for 2014, and my previous blog was a Top 10 blog in its niche two years in a row.

6. I am the Editor-in-Chief of Wild Sister Magazine and am a part of the Wild Sisterhood  – an amazing group of women I couldn’t live without. I also learned to make ebooks/emags there!

7. I love rain. Nothing makes me jump out of be, undie-dancing Cameron Diaz-in-Charlie’s-Angels-style, like waking up to the sound of rain. Seriously. I love rain. 

8. I have three favorite things in the world that make even the crappiest days better: 1) Chats with my preteen in the car 2) My Threenager climbing into my bed and falling asleep holding my hand, and 3) Root-beer floats.

9. Journey rocks my socks off and I see them every year they come to Atlanta. I don’t care if the other concert-goers are 20 years older than me (along with their 20-year-younger-than-me grandchildren) – nothing makes me insta-cry like the opening notes to ‘Don’t Stop Believin’. My circle of friends even sang Journey (loudly) to my son, in the hospital, just hours after he was born. The nurses were thrilled.

10. I’m addicted to Instagram. You should be, too!