Clean Up YourShop in 5 Easy Steps



It’s Springtime! For many niches on Etsy, Spring can mean a slump in sales, but that doesn’t mean you should slack off on working. Sometimes (a lot of times, in my experience), a great way to bring in new sales is to freshen things up and clean out the ‘old’. So, here are some great ‘Spring Cleaning’ tips for your shop!


  1. Freshen up your banner and images – Does your banner have product photos in it? If so, redo them to include some of your newest, or more popular items. Have you had the same style photos for awhile? Take photos with a new colored background or add a new colored prop. Even just changing the photos for your typical ‘Featured Listings’ section can change things up just enough.
  2. Clean out your Convos! I know this isn’t directly related to productivity or sales, but I’m a firm believer in energy and cleaning out the old. Going through your messages and getting rid of all of that old baggage can life a bit of a weight off of you and your shop. At the same time, you never know when you’ll run across conversations that you can pick back up and possibly make sales. Check in on a few of your friendly customers, while you’re at it, as well. The goal? Inbox Zero for Spring!
  3. .Change the Titles, Tags, and even Listing Descriptions for 10 of your products that you really like/want to sell but don’t sell often. Maybe even try new photos for those same listings. Brainstorm and see if you can find other keywords that customers may use when searching for that particular item – the Etsy search bar is a great way to test that out because it actually pops up key phrases as you type, just like Google.
  4. Update your policies and About Page! This one is actually easy – just look over your policies and see if anything needs to be rewritten or added. Has your lead time changed? Is your photo two years old? Could you update the About Page slider with new photos
  5. This one everyone should do, even if their shop is up to date: Check your categories! Etsy recently had an update to the categories options and they automatically selected categories for your listings. Double check these and make sure they are listed the way you feel they should be. Change things around a bit and see if your views go up!

And, there you go! Let me know in the comment show your Spring Cleaning goes, and whether or not your views improved!

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