“How do you do it all, Shai?!’ 


I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard that question. For those who are new to the Shai Unleashed world, I’m a busy gal. Crazy busy. Extremely overextended busy. I’ve been working on that.

Until then, though, I have an Etsy shop, social media marketing clients, a coaching biz, and Wild Sister. Those total up to two websites/blogs, an entire magazine, multiple newsletters, a course, multiple challenges, lots of graphic work/sales pages/funnel building, four Facebook Groups, and about 14 social media networks, plus stamping and keeping up with my shop, plus whatever I’m doing for my coaching clients….and I also have two kids, and an amazing firefighter other half (who is only home 9 or 10 days a month).

See? Busy gal. 

But, I’m a busy gal who gets shit done and rocks her goals…and people seem to want to know how. A few weeks ago, I did a Blab with Leah McDermott from Crunchy Farm Baby on that exact topic. It’s definitely a super informal chat (cause, Blab), but I keep getting great feedback on it, so check it out! I would start at at least 2 minutes in – I was waiting for my co-host and just chatting in the beginning.

Since that Blab, I have had hundreds of downloads of my Weekly Prep Workbook, and you can grab a {free} copy as well!

Now, because I am a busy biz boss and I understand that not everyone has 50 minutes to listen to some southern gal blab on about productivity, I’ll give you the cliffs notes. The actual worksheet is a blank printable with two pages of questions to answer, but here are the important bits:

1. Always write down your major 3-10 year goals. For me, most of those goals are feelings, not monetary, business, or location based goals. Keeping these in focus when you do your weekly goals will keep you focused on the long term and not just what you’re creating now. This means you’ll continue to work toward the bigger picture.

2. Always list the things you’ve accomplished and/or are proud of from the last week/month, depending upon how often you sit down to do goal-setting. If you only stay focused on what needs to be done, you’re never going to feel like you’re accomplishing anything. Give yourself permission to celebrate!

3. Get real about your major lessons and what isn’t working, as well as why. Yes, write it down. Why? Well, if you’re not honest with yourself about what isn’t working or what lessons you’ve learned, they’ll never sink in, and you’ll never really do anything about them. That, my friend, is a waste of precious time and energy.

4. Name 6-8 Top Outcomes you want to accomplish this week. Make sure they’re in line with your long term goals!

5. Take each of those Top Outcomes, and break them down into core tasks that need to be done to make them happen.

For example, if I had ‘Finish Wild Sister Magazine’ as a top outcome, I would break down all the steps that I need to do to make that happen.

6. Schedule your Most Important Tasks (MIT’s) in first, and then schedule the others in, 1-3 things per day. For the most part, 3 things is about the max you want to schedule for yourself. If you have more stuff to finish after those are scheduled in, list them in order of importance and check them off if you have some free time. Just make sure you’re focusing on getting your MIT’s and bigger stuff done first!

7. Write down a couple of people who could help you this week. Then write down a couple of people you could help this week. I know we all run our own small businesses, but sometimes it’s easier to work smarter not harder. Don’t ‘help’ to your own detriment, but very few people get to where they are without being helped along the way. So, help others, and don’t be afraid to ask for help yourself!


As we chat about in the video, I schedule all of this into Google Calendar with color coded subjects. I’d share, but there are so many overlapping colors you probably couldn’t make sense of it anyway (when I said overextended, I meant it. lol). You can use Google Calendar, which syncs with a lot of scheduling programs like Acuity and Calendly (great for taking appointments!), or you can do like Leah and go the ol’ pen-and-paper route. Use whatever works for you but make sure that it actually works for you and you’re not just stuck in an old, familiar pattern.


Got it? Awesome. Now, go plan your goals…and make them happen!!!



Grab my Weekly Prep Worksheets!

Want to rock your goals and make them happen like I do? Come grab a copy of the exact Weekly Prep Worksheets I use to plan my week and make reach my goals!

Thanks so much!


Grab my exact weekly worksheets!

Ready to not only set your goals, but actually make them happen? Grab a copy of the Weekly Prep Worksheets that I use every week to rock my businesses!

Thank you!