The Rock Your Shop: A Guide to Building, Branding, and Rocking Etsy eBook was a labor of love, for me. As an Etsian and eventual Etsy Coach, I had so many clients and people asking for help that I simply couldn’t help them all. Instead of turning people down when my coaching schedule was full, I created the eBook for those who needed it.

Rock Your Shop: A Guide to Building, Branding, and Rocking Etsy has everything you need to learn how to run a successful small business on Etsy! 

Building and running an Etsy shop can be overwhelming, for veterans and newbies alike – so much to do, with so much overwhelming information, in so little time! I’ve turned a decade of Etsy experience into 109 pages of time-saving tips, action breaks, worksheets, and photo examples covering everything from photography to SEO and Keywords.  This ebook is one you and your shop can’t afford to miss!


“Rock Your Shop is a clear and cohesive guide that provides insight on beginning or improving any Etsy shop. It covers not only the basics but goes in depth into the many facets of running a shop – from setting up policies to creating beautiful photos and informative listings to targeting your products to your ideal customer base, this ebook has it all! Shai’s unique voice made this a fun read and, as a newbie, the useful and practical tips were really helpful for me. After implementing many of Shai’s tips via the Action Breaks provided throughout the ebook I’ve seen my views jump significantly over the last week.”
Kendalyn Eldredge- Sage and Sea Apothecary

Witty, truthful and direct, Shai is able to walk you through how to rock your online business in an easy to understand way. She speaks in a clear and down to earth fashion, that really helps things “click.” I’ve been selling on Etsy for years and have learned so many new things I wish I had back when I started! I would totally recommend Shai to anyone starting out a business, or to anyone who wants to take their shop to the next level!
Rachael CaringellaTreeTalker

‘Shai Ford is an Etsy genius! I am super happy she decided to take her knowledge and compile a thorough and easy-to-follow book on being the best Etsy seller you can be. While a lot of this information is geared toward newbies, it’s definitely worthwhile to veteran Etsy sellers. Etsy shops should stay fresh and fun, so read through this book and make some uplifting changes to your shop.
The book covers the basics, such as forming listings, following Etsy policies, creating a bio, but also goes in-depth about branding, packaging, SEO, and marketing. As if all of the above wasn’t enough to blow your creative mind, Rock Your Shop also has interactive activities for you to do and apply to your shop as you make your way through the book. Photos, examples, interviews … this should be the OFFICIAL guide to rocking Etsy!’
Sage Adderley, Sweet Candy Distro and Press