Each week, I do at least one Q&A phone call with the students in my Rock Your Shop Etsy Masterclass, and this question came up in last week’s Q&A. The shop owner was told, by a previous copy-writing coach type person, to remove the cuss words (only one or two) from her shop, and couldn’t believe she would have added them in the first place. So, the shop owner wanted my advice.


There are generally two schools of thought on this topic. The first school of thought is that you are a business and you should appear professional and PC at all times. It’s an understandable thought, really, for such a PC 21st century market. I happen to be a part of the second school of thought: Do whatever the hell you want. 

The thing is, having a few cuss words here and there isn’t going to lose you enough sales to make a difference. You know what will? Not having your niche targeted appropriately. If you’re not attracting your ideal customer, you’re not going to make sales. If you fit ‘bold’ language right into your branding, you will attract more customers because you are targeting the customer who won’t mind it. If cussing doesn’t fit your brand image at all, then you either need to rework your branding, or not cuss. Pretty simple.

If you’re the type to pop off with the F-bomb in a convo with a client or customer (I totally am. All the time. I cuss like a sailor.), then be that person across the board. I’m not saying to blast profanity on all of your websites and social media channels, but that trendy word ‘authentic’ is trendy for a reason – it sells. And, you can sell your authentic self and brand if you are targeting the right people. If you’re not targeting the right people, you’re not going to sell in the first place.

So there’s my tip for the day! Do you use profanity in your work?




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